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Case Studies

Below you can read case studies taken from the most common areas we work in.

Commercial Mediation
  • Axe Me Down Ltd and Betta Girl Ltd disagree over the terms of a contract termination. Axe Me Down terminates a contract early with Betta Girl for what they perceive to be failings in meeting the contractual agreement.
  • Betta Girl believes they are owed money for the lost work.
  • Both companies disagree about the amount Betta Girl is owed on the termination of their contract.
  • Mediation helps both companies be heard by the other, and come to a middle ground that works for both parties.
  • Axe Me Down and Betta Girl are able to resolve their dispute in a day of mediation, and come to an agreement. This means that neither needs to spend further money on legal fees or on taking the dispute to court.
Community Mediation
  • Charlie and Danae disagree about a community item swap. Charlie continually hosts an item swap outside their house, which other neighbours on their street donate to and take from. Danae considers this fly-tipping and has reported it on several occasions.
  • Neither Charlie nor Danae are happy with the current situation and want to find a resolution.
  • Mediation helps both neighbours express their concerns and anger in a safe environment.
  • The neighbours don’t come to an agreement by the end of the mediation. But the following week, decide to meet and resolve their differences.
  • In this scenario, mediation helped to create conversation between Charlie and Danae where the relationship had become fraught.
Workplace Mediation
  • Erica and Fred are both Heads of Department in their workplace. They have opposing personalities and ways of working.
  • Their frequent clashes cause problems in the organisation and their respective teams.
  • The CEO decides that mediation is the best way to resolve the tension between the two employees.
  • Mediation provides both employees a safe and confidential space for Fred and Erica to hash out their differences.
  • The mediator will keep things civil, whilst also helping the employees to look for a road to resolution, rather than constantly reliving past wrongdoings.
  • Erica and Fred are able to see past their differences and discuss ways of working together that benefit both parties, their teams, and the company as a whole.